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Orlando Car Transport is Florida’s number one car shipping company. We also ship to across all 50 states, every car traveling door to door. Our services span across all vehicle types and any form of auto transport. From affordable open car shipping, to highly secure enclosed shipping for higher end vehicles, we offer services for all types of vehicle transportation.

No matter the nature of your shipment, we possess the skillset and personnel to safely and conveniently transport your car, or cars, anywhere in the U.S. From sedans to trucks, vans, buses, RVs, and even boats and heavy duty equipment, our carriers tackle any job with the same expertise and care.

Furthermore, we perform our exceptional services with unparalleled customer service. At Orlando Car Transport, we prioritize the experience of each customer. That starts with our agents when you call in. They walk you through all of our services and tailor your choices to your specific situation. We mold every car shipment to the needs of the customer. Then, when you interact with our car carriers, you witness their impressive knowledge and experience at work. They load and unload your car with great care, ensuring no harm comes to your expensive possession.

Learn more about our exceptional car shipping services by side-scrolling through our website. You’ll find more details about our history and the expert services we provide.

When you’re ready to schedule your shipment with the industry leader, give us a call at (321) 320-7800

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Orlando Car Transport began 14 years ago with a simple mission. We wanted to provide the best auto shipping services at the most affordable prices to every state in the US. From humble beginnings with local routes and few carriers, we grew to fulfill our mission statement. Today, we service clients in all 50 states with expedient, simple, and friendly auto transport services.

We operate on one simple, time-tested principle: prioritize the customer. By serving the needs of our clientele, we rose from a small, local business to a bustling, national car shipping company. We pride ourselves on identifying the needs of each customer. Every agent trains on all our available options to know when to apply them. As such, our customers receive a tailored service for their unique situation. Therefore, when friends ask for referrals, they offer our name. Through word of mouth, and strong reviews, we grew rapidly over the years.

In addition to offering a top notch auto shipping experience for our customers, we competitively price all our services. Instead of raising our prices to match the superior quality provided by our agents and carriers, we kept them low. As such, we service a larger volume of clients. The numbers make sense. There’s no reason you should have to overpay for quality vehicle shipping. Hence, we match or beat all of our competitors.

When you choose to ship with Orlando Car Transport, you get the most professional, knowledgeable, and capable staff taking care of your vehicle. We stay in contact with you throughout the entire process from point A to point B. Our carriers tackle any type of vehicle, with the experience to handle all types and sizes. For example, in addition to sedans, we ship trucks, vans, buses, RVs, even heavy duty equipment like military vehicles.

And, every order ships door to door, cutting out any travel for you. Over 14 years of service honed our capabilities to provide the most convenient car shipping service in the industry.

That’s a little about us, but we’d love to hear about you and your car shipping needs. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly agents at (321) 320-7800 with any questions, or to book your shipment today!

Open car transport accounts for the majority of our shipments. The ease of use and exceptionally affordable pricing attracts most car shipping clients. With open car transport, a carrier loads your vehicle onto an open air trailer without walls. The simplicity to the rig and its ability to load more vehicles accounts for the cheaper price. However, none of that means a less safe transport option. It remains an entirely secure method of shipping your vehicle, especially when conducted by our expert professionals.

Open Car Transport Though, there are a few different ways to complete open car transport. In addition to a normal, multi-car open trailer, we offer hot shot shipping. Furthermore, at Orlando Car Transport, we offer discounts for shipping multiple cars, or reserving a full load.

Hot Shot: This method loads your vehicle onto a small open trailer designed to transport a single car. Typically, these are hooked up to a single or dually (four rear tires) truck. Then, the driver leaves your chosen pick up location and makes a direct delivery straight to your destination. This option offers a couple of great benefits. For one, it includes automatic expedited shipping, given the fact the driver makes no other stops. Additionally, hot shot shipping is a great way to ship specialty cars, like exotic or rare vehicles as it provides added security.

Multiple Cars: Sometimes you need to ship a bunch of cars simultaneously. We have the ability to arrange these more complicated orders. Our carriers load all vehicles at once and still ship directly to your chosen destination. However, taking more spaces on the trailer reduces the number of additional stops, saving you time. Furthermore, since we appreciate your additional business, your quoted price drops per vehicle. Save hundreds by shipping together!

Full Load: If you have enough cars to merit an entire trailer, we make those arrangements, as well. And again, reserving an entire trailer comes with financial perks. Since the entire trailer is dedicated to your shipment, there are no other stops, and the travel time reduces. This option often works for corporate relocations, or moving company vehicles between branches or stores. We understand the complications involved in the transfer of fleet vehicles between locations, as we work with many corporate clients. Save on your shipping costs by reserving a full load.

All these options come with our exceptional customer service and prices, set competitively to ensure your satisfaction. Our open car transport remains the safest, most affordable auto shipping option in the United States. Ship anywhere within all 50 states, door to door.

Give us a call at (321) 320-7800 for a free quote, have any question answered, and schedule your auto shipping today!

In addition to the economical choice of open car transport, our company also provides exceptional and premium enclosed car transport. For those that seek additional security measures, this option provides a layer of protection between your car and the environment. When shipping cars with higher value, such as exotic, luxury, rare, or collectible cars, enclosed car shipping often presents the best option.

Enclosed Car Transport With Orlando Car Transport, shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer comes coupled with our exceptional care. That’s essentially doubly securing your vehicle during transport. We ship all order door to door, cutting out any travel for you. It allows you to await your vehicle in the comfort of your home, or wherever your destination may be. We ship to all addresses across the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Soft Side: This option provides covering to your vehicle by way of a stretched canvas over the whole of the trailer. It protects against most elements. However, some road dust, rain, and other weather sneaks. Though, the amount dramatically reduces when compared to open trailer shipping. Protect your vehicle at an affordable price with soft side shipping. Since it doesn’t involve more expensive hard side trailers, you gain added protection for a nominal increase in price.

Hard Side: For those that wish not to chance even trace amounts of road dust or precipitation ship using hard side carriers. These trailers feature complete walls, entirely shutting out the air. For the best possible protection, hard side shipping offers the most security. Additionally, we use lift gates to raise your vehicle into the trailer. Instead of pulling it via pulleys along the ramp, our carriers lift the entire vehicle on a platform to load it. It reduces strain on the body. We take the utmost care of all vehicles, and understand the needs of your special asset during transport. That’s why we use only the most professional carriers with the appropriate equipment to tackle the job.

Hot Shot: If you want to prioritize your vehicle and ship it solo, hot shot enclosed shipping places it alone inside a trailer pulled by a truck. As the driver only transports your vehicle, it comes with automatic expedited shipping. Since no other stops impede their route, the driver comes directly from your pick up to your requested destination. The premium price reflects the exceptional service we provide when we conduct enclosed hot shot shipping.

All our enclosed car transport options come with our exceptional customer service. Work with the industry’s most knowledgeable and helpful agents that walk you through the entire process. We ship all types, including motorcycles, inoperable vehicles, and boats. Whatever you need shipped, we pair you with the services that best suit your needs.

Don’t wait to call us at (321) 320-7800 to get started on scheduling your shipment with the country’s number 1 auto shipper, Orlando Car Transport..

As part of the exceptional Orlando Car Transport experience, we ship all vehicles door to door. In other words, we pick up your car wherever it sits, load it, transport it, then unload right at your listed destination. Await your vehicle from the comfort of your new home. We deliver directly to your driveway. It’s one way we prioritize the convenience of our customer experience and the simplicity of our services for you.

Door-to-door Car Transport Other companies may require you to travel to a predetermined pick up location upon delivery. They often use lots that make drop off easier for their carriers and routes. However, we choose direct delivery for your benefit. The point of shipping your vehicle is to avoid travel. When you have to go to a certain location to retrieve your vehicle after it already travelled hundreds, maybe thousands of miles, it defeats the purpose. We take it that extra mile so you receive it exactly where you want it.

Furthermore, we deliver to any address in the entire United States. If you move coast to coast, we ship your vehicle from your house near the Atlantic to your new home near the Pacific. Traveling to Hawaii? Got a job in Alaska? We ship there, too, directly to you, at no additional cost. We include the added convenience in the same price.

Door to Door with Expedited Shipping Options:
Need your vehicle delivered to your driveway quickly? We also arrange expedited pick up. This option prioritizes your pick up to put your car on the road quicker. Therefore, it arrives at its destination sooner. This option helps those in a time crunch. If you got sudden news that you got that job states away, but they want you to start next week, don’t risk driving. You lose valuable time better spent making other arrangements. Find housing, prepare to ship your belongings, study up for your first day. Fly in and let us take care of the shipment.

With expedited car shipping, our carriers ensure a quicker arrival. With Orlando Car Transport, trust us to deliver your vehicle quickly and safely anywhere in the country. Also, we complete expedited pick up for all our shipping methods. Whether you want open or enclosed transport, we can hasten the pick up. Instead of taking orders according to a specified route, our carriers come to you first.

So, if you want the most convenient, quick, and easy car shipping service, call Orlando Car Transport at (321) 320-7800. No other auto transporter matches us for professionalism.

Our friendly agents look forward to helping you with your shipment!

People generally believe driving their car is the best way to transport it, even across large distances. However, in the last 20 years, the auto shipping industry grew to offer affordable options. Services provided by auto transport companies present preferable alternatives to the long trek. No longer do you need to drive your own car to deliver it to a far away destination. Instead, companies like ours ship your vehicle for you, freeing you to fly, cutting days on the road, and expenses like gas and lodging. However, only Orlando Car Transport offers shipping services with our degree of professionalism, and at such competitive prices. Whatever your reason for shipping, our agents and carriers serve your specific needs.

College Move: A college move involves a lot of preparation. For most students, it’s the first big, adult move away from their parents. If you worry about your child’s college move, we provide services that alleviate one big source of stress. With discounts available for those seeking higher education, we ship vehicles to any college campus throughout the country. Whether enrolled in-state, or across the country, we ship directly to your dorm.

Military Deployment: Our serving men and women bravely defend our country and ensure its safety. As a thank you, we offer special discounts for military personnel. When a deployment takes you to a new city, you must make all sorts of arrangements. Getting your car to your next home throws a wrench in the gears, adding days to your efforts by requiring travel. However, using a helpful, convenient, and affordable car shipping service like ours cuts out the need to drive.

Snowbird: Fleeing winter for warmer climates? Enlist regular, scheduled car shipping with Orlando Car Transport. We pick up your vehicle at your door and deliver straight to your winter getaway. Make your annual migration easier. Lots of our customers return to us each year because they appreciate the convenience and simplicity of our services.

Reselling: If you want to resell a vehicle, you already know the internet expands your visibility. However, if you sell to a buyer out of state, then you have to arrange for delivery. With cheap prices and extremely safe shipping, Orlando Car Transport aids your sale with top notch customer service.

We ship under all sorts of circumstances, and any type of vehicle, from motorcycles to RVs.

Give us a call today at (321) 320-7800!

In the course of conducting business, companies often shift around their fleets. Dealerships make trades between inventories. Government agencies and military branches transport vehicles as needed. For a variety of reasons, corporations, agencies, and institutions require car shipping services. When hunting for an auto transporter, you need to know your cars rest in good hands. At Orlando Car Transport, we employ the most experienced, professional, and knowledgeable car carriers in the industry. Our agents secure the best price and set of services for your specific situation.

Dealer Trades:
Dealerships often conduct dealer trades to expand the available pool of vehicles to sell customers. It provides a method of keeping customers from seeking other sellers by offering a more plentiful selection. In order to reliably ship your product between other dealerships, you want a company that guarantees the safety of each vehicle and makes prompt delivery. With over a decade of experience, and a network stretching across all 50 states, we provide the most reliable auto shipping service in the industry.

Corporate Relocation:
Sometimes business dictates a move. When you go through a corporate relocation, the effort seems overwhelming. Among the most stressful aspects is the fleet. However, our company provides carriers capable of making organized pick ups and drop offs of your entire fleet, no matter the type of vehicle. Vans, trucks, and even heavy duty equipment ships with our carriers, and at unbeatable prices.

Government Employment:
Government often requires employees to travel for work, occasionally moving, either permanently or temporarily. While away, they usually need their government vehicle to get around. Driving adds days to their schedule, when they likely need to start work as soon as possible. We work with various agencies to transport their vehicles to any office across the country, promptly and efficiently. Though, we also offer expedited pick up to further speed things up for those in a time crunch.

Military Equipment
Our carriers include some of the most skilled and equipped in the field. With relationships with all bases throughout the country, we obtain the necessary permits and authorizations to ship military equipment. With experience and expertise, we tackle any size job.

Whatever your needs, Orlando Car Transport looks forward to fulfilling them! Call us at (321) 320-7800.

Worried about shipping your car? Unsure how to do it? Follow our easy guide to learn the steps, then call us with confidence to schedule your vehicle shipment.

Step 1: Schedule. While car shipping eases your schedule, your car still travels on the road to its destination. Ensure you plan accordingly. For example, in state delivery takes 1 to 3 days. Across country delivery takes up to 9.

Step 2: Clean your car. Clean your car to see any dings or scratches so you can record them. Also, make sure no valuables remain inside, or store them appropriately. Drivers don’t steal, but you want to know what is and isn’t in your vehicle so you don’t assume something was stolen if it's missing later.

Step 3: Inspect your car. Note any damage for insurance purposes. The driver will need to know if there’s preexisting damage so they know what condition it needs to be in upon delivery.

Step 4: Remove custom add-ons. Things like spoilers get in the way during transport. Please remove them to protect them.

Step 5: Keep a quarter tank. Any more gas and you add unnecessary weight to the trailer. However, you need to leave some gas so the driver can load and unload.

Step 6: Choose a pick up spot. Where is the most convenient place? We deliver door to door anywhere in the US.

Step 7: Inspect with the driver. Go over with the driver and make sure you’re both on the same page regarding the condition.

Step 8: Shut off the alarm. Drivers don’t want to deal with a noisy alarm they can’t shut off every time they hit a bump.

Step 9: Wait. Road conditions, weather, and traffic impact delivery time, but most deliveries arrive as scheduled.

Step 10: Receive your car! Once your car comes home, go over it once more with the driver.

And that’s it! Just a few easy steps saves you time and money. When you’re ready to schedule your shipment, call Orlando Car Transport at (321) 320-7800.

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