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Disney World Planning To Reopen

Disney World Planning To Reopen
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Disney World is one of the largest theme parks in the…well…world. While most states are either on stay-at-home or slowly (emphasis on slowly) reopening, Disney World has begun making preparations to once again be available to the public.

Various steps need to be taken in order to ensure safety within the theme park. From food prep to the cleanliness of rides. Multiple precautions must be put in development in order to provide a safe and fun environment.

Disney World and SeaWorld Both Up For Voting To Reopen

Before opening both parks, the request must have a majority vote. In order to open, both parks need to prove that they are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While Disney isn’t the only making a bold attempt to reopen. SeaWorld has also jumped into the line hoping they can benefit from the influx of visitors.

Mayor Jerry Demmings has put forth the ability for these parks to reopen. The vote needs to be a majority rule.

Both Disney and SeaWorld are two of the largest attractions in Orlando. Both parks cater to hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Each visitor comes from various parts of the world. Families have been waiting for the parks to open since the beginning of lock down.

Both parks employ many within the Orlando area and boast a reputation for both imagineers and marine biologists. The parks are the largest attraction in not just the Orlando area, but for a greater part of the state of Florida.

The park greatly adds to the value of Orlando, often bringing in billions of dollars per year. They have also helped to establish the city. With much speculation, the parks will reopen sooner than later. Until then many are still waiting for the day their city can open up.

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