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Investing Wars: Which Car Company Will Come Out On Top?

Investing Wars: Which Car Company Will Come Out On Top?
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Ford and General Motors have always been butting heads. Since the early years of the 20th century, when the Model T limped behind GM’s own models. Then in the 1980s, when Ford would take the lead, it would be GM that would smugly try to take back the throne. (At least until they went bankrupt in 2009.) Nowadays, the big bad of the week between the two companies is investing in electric vehicles, and who could do better. As you can imagine, it’s a cutthroat, neck-and-neck race.

Investing-wise, they both have tall orders to fill.

GM allows for more in-car commerce as they promise a whole lineup of new electric vehicles. (Just in time for their rebranding in 2030.) Whereas Ford vows to spend upwards of $11 billion on a new assembly plant. The codename? Blue Oval City. How original.

Now, more than ever, the auto industry is taking a serious and hard look at electric vehicles replacing classic combustion engines. In which case, carmakers are to get even closer to the development of battery cells, for the sake of raking in more dollars. Now, you can argue that Tesla was the investing frontrunner since 2013, but as far as the average, middle-class consumer is concerned, it’s most accessible when it’s a Ford or a GM.

With all this, you may be considering an electric vehicle. And the idea of options are there, but at what cost? Even if you do get a Toyota Prius, what are the chances that someone who is inspired by your’s doesn’t like their’s, returns it, and gets a Ford because it’s right across the street? Or worse yet, falls in love with a Chevrolet (owned by GM) driver?! The anxieties are endless. It’s truly hard to get a handle on the situation, when it comes to who you should be investing in.

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