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Making Sure Your Car is Prepped for Shipping

Making Sure Your Car is Prepped for Shipping
Make sure all of your documents are easily accessible!
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Shipping your car is the easiest way to bring your vehicle with you on a move. No matter what the reason is behind the move, or what kind of move you are making, it simply makes your move simpler. With that said, there are a few things that we highly suggest you do before shipping your car to make that process as easy as can be!

Collect All Vehicle Documents

Whenever you ship your vehicle, there are some things you have to show as proper proof of purchase, as well as proper proof of insurance. It is easiest to have these all available and accessible, so we suggest removing any important documentation from your car (if it is normally in there) and instead keeping it with you. Regardless of showing the documents, it is also best to keep everything safe by keeping it all with you!

Wash Your Car Thoroughly

In order to give your car a fresh start before shipping it, you will want to give it a good wash. This will allow you to really get a good look at the condition of your car prior to shipping your vehicle. You want to see the condition of your car prior to shipping so that you can accurately see the condition of your car after the fact as well. This will help you to identify any damage that may have occurred from shipping your car.

Remove Any Loose Items

Before shipping, you will need to remove any loose items from both the inside and outside of your car. Loose items on the outside of your car would be antennas, decorations, etc. Loose items on the inside of your car would be anything inside that can easily rattle around. It is best to remove all of this to reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle.

Prepare the Technical Things

When you ship your car, you want to make sure it has between 1/8 – 1/4 of a full tank of gas. Furthermore, you want to check that the tire pressure in the vehicles is sufficient. You do not want too much or too little gas or air in tires. Additionally, we suggest checking the oil level and overall looking at the state of your engine.  

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