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Remembering When General Motors Absorbed Chevrolet 103 Years Ago

Remembering When General Motors Absorbed Chevrolet 103 Years Ago
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General Motors did everything they could to purchase Chevrolet, back in the day. But did you know how initially difficult it was for General Motors to make that happen? It essentially left General Motors to become the hugest automaker in the world.

Chevrolet Was Founded In 1911

By brothers Chevrolet and William Durant as well. Durant had founded General Motors even earlier than that. When Durant was cast away from the board in 1910, it was simply because he was hellbent to acquire as many companies as possible. Such examples include Buick, Oldsmobile, the predecessors of Pontiac, the formers of GMC, and at one point, Ford was almost going to be caught. However, the spending became a little extravagant. With this approach, Chevrolet turned into a major success, and as Durant kept growing in funds, he wanted to buy as much GM Stock as Chevrolet could essentially afford. Durant had a good plan for the rival automaker. For each share of GM stock sold to him, Durant could offer those shareholders about five shares of Chevy stock. Durant could then find himself buying enough GM stock to turn into the president, being that folks could truly be interested in the growth in Chevy.

Durant really wanted to bring Chevrolet in the General Motors fold as a divide within the day of May 2nd, 1918. Durant then found himself being ousted later by Mr. Pierre S. DuPont, who would even later pay Durant’s debts just so he’d leave the automaker. Durant would then continue trying to get in the auto industry, without having had regained the strength of working in Chevrolet. The Great Depression forced Durant to stop thinking about cars and to start thinking about a much more sustainable industry: bowling alleys. At least, that’s how it looks to me. A man giving up his dreams.

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