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Restocking Dealerships: Harder Than Expected

Restocking Dealerships: Harder Than Expected
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Restocking dealerships is becoming one of the hardest issues dealt for the industry. With COVID-19 and the current *glug* in auto sales, many are finding that their next influx of vehicles may be smaller than expected.

The majority of 2020 has not been kind to almost any and all industries – let alone people. For many, their closing their doors to their business. For others, they are trying to step around what is happening. In the case of auto dealers, their quarterly reports are looking abysmal.

With a limiting demand, comes a larger back stock on older models. Typically, dealerships heavily rely on the new year’s models for those looking to transition out of their old car. This is leaving many with a backorder of the previous years stock with limited resources to get rid of them.

“We aren’t able to get rid of the old inventory fast enough,” says auto seller Richard Grenier. “We had little avenues that we could work with for the 2020 year and now they are telling us that they are only sending a fraction of what we usually take in.”

Restocking Dealerships One Car At A Time

For some dealers, they are receiving almost no new stock until they can sell a number of their older models.

Being able to make high sales leads to a higher inventory of new vehicles. With such a limited supply going out through the year 2020, many have survived the initial stages of fighting off COVID-19. For them, they are now dealing with the fallout of short sales.

The fight isn’t over for auto sellers. With factories closing down in parts of the country, the limited supply of many retailers is going to be impacted. The future is still uncertain for many, but it will continue to have its difficulties.

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