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University of Central Florida Gets $10 Million Nursing Pledge

University of Central Florida Gets $10 Million Nursing Pledge
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UCF, also known as the University of Central Florida, mentioned last week that Orlando Health and AdventHealth were both contributing a whole $10 million in order to build a near $70 million building for UCF’s very own College of Nursing in Lake Nona that would ever so easily help out wit Florida’s very own nursing shortage.

Such a contribution in the quantity of $10 million, is in total, the newest development to be found in UCF’s own partnership with two varied healthcare organizations. Both of which are the members of the Pegasus Partners program.

Such a program lets member organizations interact with UCF in so many ways that can really change the way nursing is taught. All via recruitment, talent development, shared research programs, collaborations and joint ventures as well as strategic philanthropy.

Applicant rates are totally going down for nurses, in spite of Florida’s very own specific set of demographics.

A study from the Florida Hospital Association had been able to show a shortfall of around 37,400 registered nurses by the year 2035. In order to proper shut the gap, the state has been in need of adding around 2,300 registered nurses and around 1,700 licensed practical nurses every year.

The new building should be around 90,000 square feet, while costing around $70 million. The likelihood is that the building is operational by Fall of 2025. The UCF Board of Trustees are said to approve this following phase next Thursday, with ground set to break by the following year.

Minus the building, the college has admitted way more applicants than is normal.

All that said, it’s a good thing that UCF is getting the funding they need. Without such support, what would it all be really worth if the nursing students don’t quite feel so properly supported? YOu have to go through with those ideas fully and without remorse and I’m glad UCF is teaming up to make a better education experience for all.

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