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Ford On Uneven Stance After Deciding To Replace All Broncos’ Hard Tops

Ford On Uneven Stance After Deciding To Replace All Broncos’ Hard Tops
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If you live under a rock, I bet it must be totally comfortable. Because it isn’t underneath a Bronco for sure. The Ford automakers’ representatives have been issuing a recall for Ford due to a faulty hard top. Well, the only fault is that it looks ugly and it should be a soft-top instead.

As it turns out, the hard top, while not really screwing with the roof, does actually give off unsatisfactory appearance as it gets exposed to water and humidity. In response, Ford is making the executive decision to replace all of the molded-in color hardtop roof panels for 2-doors and 4-doors.

This would include all of the owners who have or are about to receive them. It should be a cosmetic difference, not an ambience based difference.

Ford is really looking down on themselves here, however.

Through calls being made to Bronco owners all around the country, Ford reps are sorrowful. “I just want to reinforce: We are highly disappointed. We are inconveniencing people … we know ultimately the ‘make it right’ means ‘get me the vehicle’ and we’re working as fast as we can to get them to the customers.” This is what they’re saying to show that they’re owning up to their mistake. How sincere could this gesture really be?

This certainly is a dark day for Ford in the case of their Bronco delays. But someone has to stop the vehicles from looking nauseating when exposed to extreme water or humidity!

Evidently, Ford is doing all they can to make sure that they have all their bases covered. Including providing differenty accessories in anticipation for the 2022 models. “We’re trying to do everything we possibly can to take care of the customers,” is what they keep saying in these phone calls to Ford Bronco owners.

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