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Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Coming to Orlando, Florida, Records Show

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Coming to Orlando, Florida, Records Show
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Gordon Ramsay, British chef, restauranteur, television personality and writer, is planning to open a new restaurant this year in Orlando, Florida according to permits filed with the county.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips “Concept”

The legendary chef will bring his Fish & Chips concept to International Drive’s ICON Park that is Gordon Ramsay North America. It is expecting to be complete by May. This is according to the OBJ report.

No Official Location Yet

Moreover, a Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips location in Orlando, Florida, has not been formally announced. The permits were filing with the county in Florida. It included diagrams labeled “Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips ICON Park.” It would show details about a restaurant. There was one permit that filing in December 2019. It did list a description for the type of work that could be work: “there is a brand-new walk-in cooler to be housing, restrooms, the demolition of the interior with new construction for a tenant fit-out of a proposal of fast food casual.”

Earlier this month, another permit was filing. This called what is describing as “interior & exterior renovation with more renovation with more square footage in the interior space to be constructing.”

Restaurant Layout

There is a diagram of what the restaurant’s layout could look like. It is including with the permits. It will have indoor and outdoor patio seating. Moreover, the document also shows the area where customers would enter the queue to in fact order their food.

Gordon Ramsay Operates Several Restaurants in the U.S.

Moreover, Ramsay operates many restaurants in the United States. One city, in particular, is the home to a Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips.

Country Music Star and American Idol Judge Blake Shelton

It seems Gordon Ramsay isn’t the first celebrity to open a restaurant at ICON Park. That “honor” or “first” goes to Blake Shelton. Shelton opened his Southern-style restaurant Ole Red, at the entertainment complex in 2020.

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