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Minivan Marvel: The Nissan Quest Is The Best Minivan In All The Land

Minivan Marvel: The Nissan Quest Is The Best Minivan In All The Land
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When the word “minivan” pops into your brain… What do you think of? Loading in with Capri Suns and cleats after a rousing soccer game? Unloading groceries with five bags on every arm? Dogs scampering in the back of the car on a long road trip? Whatever nostalgia the minivan brings you back to, the only time it’s been a necessary buy as of recent has had to be for storing extra-sized families. Yet, for the bachelor-nation that a lot of us individuals find ourselves – at any stage of life, mind you – it doesn’t seem that cool to own a minivan, unless you’re trying to mobilize your rock band.

Still, there should be no shame associated with buying one over a dorky hatchback or a bulky muscle car. Biggest reason why? The Nissan Quest is maybe the best model of all time. (Not from 2011 but from 2009.) It’s a third-generation van that gives off a wonderful performance nobody ever even consider from a van so miniature. It’s what makes it so useful as a used vehicle purchase, along with great styling. But what’s the biggest aspect of the Nissan Quest that you just can’t miss?

This Minivan Roars Like The 350Z

It’s inherently a descendant of Maxima’s evasive handling. It’s tuned to create 240 horsepower and even give the minivan a tow capacity of 3,500 pounds. Of course, there are some minuses to this plus of a chariot. Timing chain guides and tensioners may fail, but a rattling startup noise will be your biggest tell if there is something actually wrong with your brand-old Nissan Quest. Of course, rust nears it’s ugly head around for this car just like with any before. Be careful once you buy it.

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