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More Businesses in Florida Lead the United States in Employment

More Businesses in Florida Lead the United States in Employment
Companies Flooding Into the Sunshine State
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More businesses are coming to Florida, regardless, or maybe possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus a new burst of inflation, and now, the globe-jarring war in Eastern Europe.

More Businesses – U.S. Census Bureau

According to recent figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, the latest business formation numbers show that Florida did account for 683,680 out of the 5.8 million applications for new businesses. They were filed nationally from January 2021 to January 2022. That’s approximately 11.7%.

ATN Corp, one of the latest arrivals from out of state, is a maker of optics for civilian use, as well as law enforcement, and the military, which did announce Tuesday it has relocating its headquarters and manufacturing facilities from the West Coast to Florida county.

Strong Numbers

Also, the movie is yet another example of the flood of companies that are heading to the Sunshine State. There will be a continuation of strong numbers that show Florida a national leader during the COVID-19 pandemic in trying to attract new businesses or to become a startup.

“Moreover, all parts of Florida are really firing on all cylinders with the respect to economic development and job creation. It would be particularly here in Florida,” said John Boyd. Boyd is the principal of The Boyd Co., a relocation consulting firm in another city in Florida.

Also, Florida’s low-tax advantages over other states are still serving as an important incentive, he said. Yet, these days, the factors also include bigger pools of skilled workers and the state’s decision to strip away COVID-19 pandemic-related regulations.

Therefore, there are some of those workers which are migrating here with their companies, he said. “Moreover, I think the talent assets are now appreciating by a global site seeking an audience,” Boyd said. “In fact, Florida is now the recipient of highly skilled technical workers. They are just not from the East Coast but the Midwest and West Coast states. Now, there is a new phenomenon where we are seeing unprecedented interest from West Coast companies.”

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