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People Move to the South East Just to be Close to Disney World

People Move to the South East Just to be Close to Disney World
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People totaling 6.1 people was the population number when Walt Disney announced in 1965 he had picked a South East State for his “project” that would ultimately Walt Disney World. Now, today, it’s more than 21 million people.

People: Population is Tripling

The population has been tripling in size over the last 50 years, and therefore it has not stopped. So much so, there are entire real estate companies in Orlando, Florida, which cater to people who are making the move to Central Florida, in fact, just to be close to Walt Disney World.

Disney Fans Attest to Their Love of the Theme Park

“Welcome to my Disney home,” said Jessica Aribu, who has a new home in the Meadow Woods area of Orlando. “You are welcoming by my Disney mat.”

Inside Aribu’s home, though Mickeys are hiding on teapots, Aribu is unable to hide her love for Walt Disney World.

“It really is a way of life. Thus, for me, it’s a really big deal, we moved here just for that,” Aribu said.

Aribu, her husband David and son Elias, is named after Walt Disney’s middle name, then just moving to Central Florida just to be close to Walt Disney World.

“Being here now, knowing I’m just 25 minutes away from Disney, There are moments where I am in disbelief. Am I really here? No, I am really here.”

Previously, the family was living in a smaller Miami home-making trip to Orlando every month. It was Aribu’s dream to move to Orlando. It was within reach when she and her husband’s job did allow them to both permanently work remotely.

“I’m going to be entirely honest, initially I was terrifying,” David Aribu said.

Through realtor Sean Faulk, the move was made easier, part of the Moving to Orlando team, a YouTube channel considering a spin-off of the popular channel, The Dis.

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