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Rocket League Mod of the Ford F-150 Is Revved And Ready To Play Ball

Rocket League Mod of the Ford F-150 Is Revved And Ready To Play Ball
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You’ve heard of that Rocket League game, right? The one your nephews and their friends hog the flatscreen all the time whenever the weekend rolls by?

Well, whether you’re a fan or a foe, the game has so much traction that Ford has caught on to the hype. (Not the most ridiculous instance but you know how Rocket League works, with the cars kicking soccer balls and all.) Anyhow, to commemorate the game, Ford redesigned an F-150 pickup in Rocket League – style.

At a car show, there was a concept vehicle designed just to watch, not to touch. And while there are familiar aspects to the vehicle, it’s certainly a little different than usual.

This is thanks to the highlighter green accents, as well as a rocket launcher. Yes, you read that right. A rocket launcher in the back of a Ford F-150 pickup.

How’d this collab between Ford and Rocket League come about?

Well, Ford made themselves a partnership with video game developer Psyonix to base a design of their flagship pickup on the elements presented in Rocket League. The vehicle itself is all-at-once recognizable and exotic at first glance.

The vehicle itself has 37-inch tires, an “F-150” stamp on the tailgate and also C-shaped LED lights. It invites a futuristic approach to race-gaming and sports entertainment alike.

Is Rocket League the car-industry’s Fortnite?

Very likely. As of 2018, 46 million players have been brought in to play the game. It’s easy enough for newcomers to learn and addicting enough for veterans to master.

Consider the video game for yourself to play if it means growing closer to your family. This is the truth of the matter. Racing games are awesome and enjoyable for the whole family to really get engrossed in.

Don’t deny their strength in inclusion. For all ages, really.

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