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The Honda 2022 Civic is Being Tackled by 27WON Performance

The Honda 2022 Civic is Being Tackled by 27WON Performance
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Honda is debuting the 11th generation Civic Sedan which was met with a huge backlash from the enthusiast community. It is not like the generation prior, then several before that, many online critics went on to rip it to shreds. However, many present 10th-generation owners feel that it’s a tamed version of the prior model and lacks the strong lines of the 2016-2021 models. Moreover, could there be some attention from the aftermarket to change minds?

Honda 2022 Civic and 27WON Performance

The question is could, in fact, some attention from the aftermarket be changing people’s minds. Moreover, a few brands are diving with their headfirst into the 2022 Civic. One entity is 27WON Performance. That company does know a thing or two about the modern Hondas.

The 10th generation was actually one of the best they are experiencing to date for many modern-day Civic fans. It has impressive handling, a pumped-up power plant with usable torque as well as competitive pricing. Also, the sales figures do prove that Honda really achieved a lot and that the 11th-gen has much to live up to.

Civic and Big Aftermarket Presence

Moreover, it has been a few months now since the all-new 2022 Honda Civic has, in fact, hit the streets. Moreover, the Civic line does carry a huge aftermarket presence. In addition, an ever-growing fan base. The aftermarket for this present model has been off to a relatively slow start. In fact, there are not many brands or companies that are acquiring a car to quickly jump on R&D. That is in order to see what the car can do. But 27WON is.

Established in 2017, Las Vegas’ 27WON is a new face in the Honda aftermarket. However, in those four years, the brand has certainly made its mark in the industry. Thus, charging forward on its “REDEFINE THE AFTERMARKET” philosophy. It focuses primarily on modern Honda technology. It is within the 2016+ Honda/Acura models that put an emphasis on GDI and turbo technology.

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