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Business Owners Offer Suggestions For City’s Safety Issues

Business Owners Offer Suggestions For City’s Safety Issues
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Growing up in Orlando, I remember so much about my hometown, in The City Beautiful. I remember how secure it felt to be in a community where everyone was treated with respect and modesty. It felt so magical, even moreso than going to Disney World.

However, one thing I didn’t quite notice was how the city was suffering under the circumstances of it’s perspective on policing. Life was a scary thing for those subject to riots and protests. And so, for this reason, the Hospitality Alliance has been recommending about a 5% surcharge on nightlife sales.

In which case, the team thinks they can bring about $3 million for public safety, in order to better assist police presence in the downtown area.

Given that it’s costing the local townsfolk some money to support small and struggling businesses, I do feel albeit bittersweet. The meeting itself occurred on Thursday in order to keep fighting the two ordinances. There was even a proposal to ask for permits for businesses to give away alcohol right after midnight in order to additionally give cops overtime. In another instance, there would be a six-month freeze placed on new nightclubs.

So ideas are floating all over the place. In which case, there’s hope that private-public partnerships are instilled with the City of Orlando. For the most part, leaders appeared to be open-minded and receptive towards the research that needed to be done.

The Orlando Hospitality Alliance still wants to continue discussions with city leaders a little before a final vote is made on the proposals in March.

Even the businesses are fearful that the permit requirements can be overbearing, such as the need to pay the Orlando police for extra-duty.

There is a widely-held belief that the Orlando PD is going to hire full-time officers that will be paid at a regular rate while training in specific to work downtown.

Cops are setting up checkpoints while adding additional officers in response to bigger and more violent incidents that would occur in downtown, over the cost of $40,000 per weekend.

Early in the month, there were proposed moratoriums which will be implemented in the latest downtown nightclubs.

There’s Plenty Of New Moves Being Done

Businesses can get a permit to sell alcohol after midnight that would mean hiring off-duty cops with room for fifty-plus people.

But wait! That’s not all!

There would also be requirements to walk through metal detectores and even licensed security for every entrance.

In the Vice President of Orlando’s Hospitality Alliance Board, there’s beyond 250 restaurants, nightclubs, bars and venues that are members.

There’s the constant hope that rules are clearly made while also staying objective. All under the pressure of it not feeling like a financial burden on a couple businesses.

10 more suggestions were made to Orlando, like more policemen just being hired by the force to work at downtown for regular pay! Can you believe that?

There must be full-time, officers, specifically trained for downtown Orlando.

When it comes to covering the cost, there had also been a proposed 5% surcharge on alcohol that was sold in the Downtown Corridor.

There’s hopes to rid the metal detector from the equation, stating how historic buildings will occupy as many as 12 entrances which would be tough to staff.

In addition, there were also meetings with city officials to peek into proposed ordinances while discussing proposed suggestions.

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