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Driving in Orlando Florida

Driving in Orlando Florida
Orlando is a gorgeous city that you are sure to want to drive around!
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Did you know that Orlando ranks number 18 in the rankings of the worst city to drive in in the United States? In the list of the worst cities in Florida to drive in, it comes in third place. In the rankings of the whole world, it even sits in the top 100. Those are not exactly promising rankings, but it just shows how much preparation and warning people need before driving in the city for the first time. We suggest if you plan to move or visit the city, you familiarize yourself with the nature of Orlando driving as best as you can, to maintain your safety while driving around the city.

While Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, not everything about the city is magical.

Like its other metropolitan counterparts, Orlando is well-versed in traffic. It experiences peak traffic at the usual rush hour times of the day, in the morning from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and in the evening from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Of course, these are not the only times there is traffic, but they are times you can guarantee traffic will be plentiful.

The Roads in Orlando

In Orlando, the highway system is extremely vast. Interstate 4 is the biggest one that runs through downtown Orlando, but there are countless other highways and streets that you can travel on to get around the city. Additionally, prepare to drive on toll roads if coming to Orlando. While there are ways to get entirely around the city without going on a toll road, there are times when a toll road will be the best choice.

Parking in the City

As a major metropolitan city that attracts a lot of tourism, it is fair to assume that parking can be a nightmare sometimes. The city does have a good number of city-run parking areas and meter spots, which does provide a good amount of coverage for parking. Furthermore, there are numerous private parking garages that provide more parking to accommodate the influx of tourists. There is typically an average of $15 price for city parking.

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