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Tesla Has Major Competition With Ford… Can They Afford To Lose?

Tesla Has Major Competition With Ford… Can They Afford To Lose?
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Tesla is under a lot of pressure from trying to beat Ford. Surprisingly, the original American automaker is destined to show the new kid in town who’s the brand! That’s evident, when recently, a Ford dealership has asked car buyers to take a major gawking at their latest invention: the Mustang Mach-E. It’s a highly anticipated electric vehicle that Ford has just started to sell.

And sales are gong great.

About 200 people came to the event. So, yeah. Tesla should be worried. Plenty of folks who came arrived in BMWs, Subarus, Audis and even three Teslas.

So far, the satisfaction has been astronomical.

The dealership owner believes that “when you drive this thing, the performance is, like, wow.” Wow is right. So Tesla needs to count their blessings, because from what it looks like, Ford is about to dethrone with a much more lucrative electric vehicle model.

Which is sorely needed for them, in these ecologically conservative ages.

The benefit these gas-guzzlers have is that their models have a much greater driving range than Tesla ever had with their first contenders.

Ford hired in October a new CEO by the name of Jim Farley. He’s been hoping to streamline certain operations. The Mustang Mach-E will become his real test of strength. But Elon Musk could still bounce back.

Tesla is doing okay enough.

While Ford has been enjoying an investment value of $38 billion, Tesla still soars about the competition with an $800 billion market capitalization.

But Ford still has had to step it up. By shutting down three factories in Brazil, the longtime automaker has been careful to invest in electric vehicles and autonomous cars as well.

On the side of the tracks that Tesla operates on, they’ve been facing worse competition in Europe and China. But for sure, they’ve got the USA cornered. Analysts are pretty sure that Tesla sold about 200,000 electric vehicles in the USA alone. That’s more than what all the other manufacturers have sold as far as electric vehicles go.

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