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EVgo: Fast-Charging Program To Be Available On A Coast Near You!

EVgo: Fast-Charging Program To Be Available On A Coast Near You!
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In the world we currently inhabit, the chances of you running across another electric vehicle is impossibly likely. The world as is right now depends on electric vehicles to be the harbingers of a new mindset. One that we should’ve been ale to maintain for ages. The reasons why we haven’t been able to do that as of late is both surprising and shocking. So why you wouldn’t just get on the bandwagon already and sign up for an electric-vehicle charging system is beyond me. It makes you wonder why is it that EV charging infrastructure hasn’t gone faster than this. Luckily there’s EVgo.

This could very well be due to a delay in thinking on the part of the American people. And there are charging stations out there, for sure. but they tend to be hella expensive. Which is where EVgo comes in. They are a company that operates off of merit alone and they refuse to let anybody else think otherwise.

EVgo has made announcements of being the first 100% renewable electricity-powered company.

In fact, they have recently launched about a milestone of 250,000 customers on a national scale. They implement great tech like a 350 kilowatt output charger. And now they’re announcing seventeen locations that are going to feature the EVgo Reservations program.

This has been thankfully developed by integration of varied makes and models of several EV fast chargers, accompanied by its very own back-end software system. In a press release, they admitted the following, “Today’s news underscores EVgo’s commitment to a clean, all-electric transportation future that advances economic, environmental, and national security goals. EVgo also continues to be a technology leader, exemplified by recent deployments of 350kW power-sharing technology.”

According to them, EVgo Reserve by Date™ lets for advance booking two weeks ahead of time. Let’s see how this rocks the world-at-large.

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