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Governor DeSantis Reduces Diversity Spending In Schools

Governor DeSantis Reduces Diversity Spending In Schools
Governor DeSantis doesn’t want heavy subjects on identity politics in the Florida universities and colleges.
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may think he’s on the right side of history. But as it turns out, he may be totally wrong in his ideology. As a Recents, the governor has put thought into signing into legislation a new bill. This bill would be destructive towards identity politics as he is choosing to provide less funding for diversity, inclusion and equity programs, throughout all the state universities within the state of Florida.

Governor DeSantis thinks that the programs themselves are thinly-veiled excuses to allow discrimination in public institutions. Additionally, he tries to make a known that because it is his state that he is governing, that he and the Board of Education has a right to decide the focus of what universities should teach.

Within the limits of the law, Florida Universities cannot use state or federal funds for supporting programs, engaging in social or political activism.

Governor DeSantos himself believes that by doing this, it can revert education back to the basics of treating students as individuals.

In addition, the law asks the general education courses refrain from “distorting” events in history, let alone bringing in identity politics into the curriculum. This may be disturbing as it’s not necessarily a means of distortion that he is stopping, but rather an effort to include additional context as to why history happened the way it did, as well as how it’s been recounted throughout the ages by variety of bias, that may not always be the exact truth that the American student deserves.

It’s a shame really given that Florida was one of the earliest areas that America had been settled into, and therefore created upon its own.

Why, there’s even the oldest school house standing within Saint Augustine, Florida. And if that’s not an institution that can certainly evolve from its admittedly, archaic origins, so how are we to expect the rest of the nation to grow from its past corrections?

Governor DeSantis had signed the legislation over there at the New College of Florida, in which place is steep, conservative turn has been underway. It’s even been said that six members of the board of trustees within the college had been swapped out with all of his conservative cohorts.

By swapping out those individuals within the board of trustees, this allows a certain exchange of power in the relationship between the law and schools in regards to hiring new employees.

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