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Local Man, Robert Fairchild, Arrested After Connection To The Riot

Local Man, Robert Fairchild, Arrested After Connection To The Riot
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As of recent, a local man, otherwise known as a forty-year old United States military veteran had been arrested by FBI agents for having a connection to the Insurrection that occurred on January 6th. Earlier this year, Robert Flynt Fairchild and several hundred other individuals stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to interrupt the joint session that Congress held. This was to certify that the results of the election were accurate, mere days before inducting then-President-elect Joe Biden into office. Fairchild had his face open by a body cam from the Capitol police that day as he was moving barriers along the West Plaza.

Fairchild has nine counts of criminality. Including entering a restricted building as well as being violent and exhibiting disorderly behavior while on Capitol grounds. Therefore, he’d go on to assault and resist other offices while causing civil disorder and interrupting an official proceeding. The charges themselves had been occurring since the day that the Insurrection occurred. The local man from Central Florida, at the time, had been causing chaos on the steps of the Capitol. What most may not know is that he happens to be the 25th individual. Of where? Out of Central Florida that have undergoing arrests for these or similar charges.

What we know is that Fairchild is a local man, walking about Senate Wing just earlier.

A brother-in-law from Georgia would go ahead and point him out to the authorities in order to best assist in their case of bringing justice to those who are ignorant about wreaking havoc.

Fairchild is under exposure of these allegations according to the prosecutors. And yet, he is currently on release from custody without bond. The best part about all of this is that Robert Fairchild is a good man who is willing to consent for a mental evaluation.

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