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Panasonic Deploying Tesla 4680 Battery Cells This Year

Panasonic Deploying Tesla 4680 Battery Cells This Year
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Panasonic, longtime battery developer and first-time car lover, is making do with a new tabless battery cell format. With it, they hope to help Panasonic out with designing better machinery, in such models like their Tesla trucks. Elon Musk, however, made it abundantly evident that he would like to snag as many as he can from suppliers.

Tesla is making their own battery cells with the interest to grow their business. And Panasonic is just a pansy that is doing what they can to help because they don’t want LG taking the lead. Tesla, however, is polyamorous. And they likely won’t stop until all cell suppliers increase their surpluses for Tesla to buy from. They’ll likely take as many batteries as they can from these tech companies. So, that said, Panasonic will have to up their production and buy more until they can send more. These cells from more suppliers will likely fuel Tesla’s new 4680 truck. What;s more is that they have a new production line specifically made for Tesla. Looks like they’re investing a lot into this hustle.

Panasonic Has A Dream Of Mass Production

In addition to their original plans, Panasonic now wants to help Tesla build a lithium-ion battery center in Norway. This is big news as the Elon Musk brain trust is being led to catch up to European automakers.

They’re trying to start production for Tesla’s 4680 battery ahead of everyone’s expectations and that’s just great.

From the looks of the financial year ahead, the chances of anything actually being made look as early as April. Besides that, it’s left unseen how serious Tesla is about making things efficient with Panasonic.

Suppose Panasonic is really trying to break into the auto-battery business. Chances are, they’ll have a lot to revolutionize after the strides they’ve made with television cameras and television sets.

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