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Understanding Our Most Popular Shipping Method

Understanding Our Most Popular Shipping Method
Sometimes open car transport trucks are two layered!
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Here at Orlando Car Transport, we pride ourselves on our versatility and how well we can truly perfect any form of shipping. However, with that said, there is one form of shipping that we do particularly best, our open car transportation. It is by far our most common and popular shipping method, meaning we have had lots of practice. We are true experts in the art of this shipping method, and we are proud to say that!

To start, let us explain what open car transportation is.

Open car transportation is a form of auto shipping in which your vehicle is shipped on a truck that is pulling behind a trailer. The trailer has an open aspect to it, in which vehicles are secured by being strapped down. There are typically lots of bars and things on the trailer that can help secure the vehicles as well. The definitive aspect of these trailers is that they are not fully enclosed, meaning there are no walls surrounding the vehicles being shipped.

This greatly differs from another popular shipping method we offer enclosed auto transportation. That is a form of shipping in which the vehicle goes inside a fully enclosed trailer. The trailer is essentially a travelling room, which acts as the home for the vehicle in transit. It is the polar opposite of open car transportation.

Why should you trust our open car transportation?

Since our open car transportation is our number one service, you know that it will be incredibly reliable to ship your vehicle. There is a reason our customers continue to return to us for all of their auto shipping needs! Additionally, we understand that it may sound scary to have your car shipped out in the open air, but we assure you that it is the safest and best option for you! We always provide insurance when shipping your vehicle, but also have a team of drivers made up of only the best of the best, meaning your car will be in the safest hands it could be in!

The best part of our open car transportation?

This form of transportation is the least expensive option! This means you will be able to have reliable, safe auto shipment without breaking the bank!

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