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Shipping Your Personal Vehicles

Shipping Your Personal Vehicles
Snowbird auto shipping is one example of personal auto shipment!
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Auto shipping can be done for a wide range of reasons. It can happen for dealerships, getting vehicles shipped from the manufacturer or to and from one another. It can happen for a company with a fleet of vehicles that needs them shipped to a new company office. Or it could be for even more countless reasons regarding personal shipment.

So, what are the personal reasons someone may ship their vehicle?

Residential/College Move

When making a long-distance move, whether just as an individual, family, or young adult for college, the easiest thing to do is to have your vehicle shipped to your new permanent or temporary home! Moving has so many other stressors and complications, so do not stress about your vehicle! The best part? If you have multiple vehicles, we can ship them all for you! So there is no reason to worry about having to separately drive every single car to the home, we’ll take care of it for you in one trip!

Snowbird Move

A snowbird move is one many do as a seasonal move. People with two different homes, their summer and winter homes, would be called snowbirds. This name comes from the fact that typically this move happens as their summers are spent in places that often get very cold and snowy in the winter, so they move somewhere warmer and sunnier to avoid the harsh winter. Oftentimes, these are long-distance moves, sometimes even entirely cross-country. If that is the case for you, then you should book an auto shipment with us! There is no reason to have to drive your car(s) all the way to your winter home and back when we can do it quickly and easily for you!

Military Deployment

When you are an active member of the member, you often could be moved to a new base and have to do so very quickly. To make the stressful move easier, we suggest auto shipping! We also offer military personnel discounts to show our appreciation for their service!


If you choose to resell a vehicle yourself, list it online, and deal with all the payments and shipments yourself, we highly suggest auto shipping! This broadens your options of who can purchase your vehicle since you will not have to worry about the distance! We can pick up the car with you and then deliver it to the new owner with ease!

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