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SpaceX Is Launching The Falcon 9 Tonight!

SpaceX Is Launching The Falcon 9 Tonight!
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Tonight, history will be made, once again, as the SpaceX rocket is blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center at 8:30 pm EST. It’s purpose? To send more supplies over there to the ISS, otherwise known as the International Space Station. This resupply mission is now in their 27th iteration. One thing noticeable about the Falcon 9 rocket is that it will blast off from Launch Complex 39A. It’s quite important for the Space Coast.

The SpaceX CRS-27 is holding quite a lot in the load.

Just a snapshot to provide, there’s plenty of 15 ISS National Lab-sponsored payloads, advanced materials projects, tissue chip research, technology demonstrations and physical sciences studies, all to the credit of the International Space Station National Laboratory’s Tissue Chips in Space Initiative.

Such a collaboration involves two final studies, both of them being second flights with heart-specific investigations with tissue chips and small devices that commonly resemble the functions of human organs.

But what will this launch prove?

For starters, the secondary intention of this reshoot mission is to make sure that the results are recorded when seeing if hearts can grow in outer space and whether or not that tissue grown can illustrate the results of a heart failing to absorb the benefits of antibiotics in zero-gravity. The heart tissue in question will be pretreated by some of Stanford University’s brightest scientists. FDA-approved drugs will be administered to the hearts.

At a press conference yesterday, NASA themselves declared that around 6,300 pounds of supplies were going to be moved. For instance, NASA’s HUNCH Ball Clamp Monopod. It’s an effort to make filming in space a whole lot more simple.

Whereas you look at Japan and their Aerospace Exploration Agency Tanpopo-5 investigation, on the same flight, and they are studying something totally different. They’re studying exactly how could life originate and survive in space as well as on other extraterrestrial planets.

As far as the actual astronauts looking for a refuel of their own, the brave men and women aboard the ISS have been asking for apples, grapefruit and cherry tomatoes.

NASA themselves are pretty sure the weather violation has a 10% chance of happening.

“Now, why is this a concern?”, you may wonder. Well, the thick layer of clouds around the launch may provide a mid level amount of charge that could disrupt the process of launch.

The rocket Falcon 9 will launch tonight at 8:30 pm EST.

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