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What Does Enclosed Auto Shipping Protect My Car From?

What Does Enclosed Auto Shipping Protect My Car From?
Enclosed auto shipping is the best way to ensure your car's safety.
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While open transport is an excellent option for most people, it’s not perfect for every situation. Some opt for the greater protection that enclosed auto shipping provides. But what exactly is this service protecting your car from? In this article, we’ll lay out the three main things that enclosed transport protects your car from: weather, road debris, and thieves.

Extreme Weather Can Damage a Car on an Open Trailer

Extreme weather of any kind can cause issues for a car on an open trailer. For instance, rain can cause damage to your car’s paint job. Hail can dent your hood or crack your windshield. Even high winds can damage your car by picking up sand and eroding parts of it! With enclosed shipping, however, your car will be just fine. Only a natural disaster will be able to harm your car while it’s in one of our enclosed trailers. They provide a protective metal shell around your car. Weather is unpredictable, but in our enclosed trailers, that won’t be an issue.

Road Debris Can’t Get Your Car with Enclosed Auto Shipping

The dangers of the road aren’t just due to the sky, though. Our roads are constantly littered with things like pieces of tire, broken glass, and hubcaps. While these are usually not a huge danger, they have the potential to harm your car. However, if you choose to ship your car in an enclosed trailer, our trailer will absorb any impacts that would otherwise hit your car. People who have worries about road debris usually choose enclosed shipping, and we’re more than happy to let our trailers soak up the damage.

Enclosed Shipping Protects Your Car From Thieves

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people find it necessary to try and steal things from others. Whether they’re just trying to get at your catalytic converter or steal the whole thing, cars tend to be popular targets for bad actors. However, if your car is in one of our enclosed trailers, it’ll have an extra level of security that will deter potential thieves. After all, most thefts are opportunistic; people steal things when it’s easy to do so. Enclosed trailers also mean that the thieves won’t know what they’re getting before they break into the van, further deterring them. People do try to steal cars off of transport trailers, so if you have any worries about this, you can eliminate that worry with enclosed shipping.

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