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The Types of Enclosed Auto Transportation

The Types of Enclosed Auto Transportation
Here you can see trucks that would perform hard side enclosed auto transportation.
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Shipping your car with enclosed auto transportation is like giving your vehicle a VIP treatment! It allows your car to stay, not only incredibly safe, but also incredibly clean! Our auto transportation experts take great pride in our ability to ship conveniently and quickly no matter what shipping method you decide to use, but with our enclosed auto transportation, that guarantee is even stronger! Because your vehicle stays inside a fully enclosed trailer, there is no way that any outside force can do any harm to it, whether it is just air and wind causing it to get dirty, or other cars on the road causing it to be at risk. However, once you have decided you want to ship with enclosed auto transportation, you do have to decide which form of enclosed auto transportation you want to ship with.

You are faced with the choice of soft side or hard side enclosed transportation.

Soft side enclosed transportation is essentially an option to take a regularly open air auto transportation vehicle and add stretched canvas around the entirety of the trailer to create an enclosed environment around the vehicle. It is a middle level form of auto transportation since the protection it provides falls in between open and hard side transportation. It provides protection against outside elements far more than when they are just out in the open, but it does not protect from these elements entirely. There is a risk of dust, rain, and other bits of the environment leaking through. Since this provides mid-level protection, this also comes at a mid-range price.

If you want the most protective form of shipping, then you need hard side enclosed auto transportation.

Hard side enclosed transportation is done with a fully enclosed trailer. The trailer is essentially a room on wheels and provides the most protection of any form of auto transportation. It without fail keeps all elemental harm away from your vehicle. No matter if your vehicle is being shipped in rain, snow, a dust storm, etc., it stays clean and safe. However, since it does provide the most protection, it also comes at the highest cost, but it is worth every penny! Also, our enclosed auto transportation is always done with a lift gate, which means safe handling of your car that is best for you and the driver.

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