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Prepping Your Car for a Hurricane

Prepping Your Car for a Hurricane
Tropical Storm Idalia is set to become a hurricane by the time it hits the Florida coast.
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Currently heading towards Florida is Tropical Storm Idalia, which is expected to turn into a hurricane by the time it reaches the United States. With this said, many are rushing to prepare for the hurricane by stocking up on non-perishables, water, medicine, flashlights, and other essentials. At this point, most residents of the state of Florida know the ins and outs of hurricane prep. Hurricanes are a commonplace occurrence in the state, so most are ready when they come. However, something that many often forget about is their cars. Many in the state do not get their cars properly prepared for hurricanes and can sometimes have to pay for that fact after the fact.

So, how does one prepare their car for a hurricane?

Fill Up Your Gas Tank

The first thing we suggest you do is make sure you have a full tank of gas. This is imperative in any disaster preparation as there is a possibility of evacuating at any moment and, if this happens, this could mean limited availability to get gas. You could be given an evacuation notice in an extremely short amount of time and if you receive one, you will likely not be able to fill up your car at that point and may not be able to for a while after leaving.

Take Pictures of Your Car

It is in your best interest to have pictures of your car before a hurricane hits. This way you have proof of your vehicle’s condition before the disaster strikes. These could potentially come in handy for insurance purposes. In case any damage happens to your car amidst the hurricane, you would have evidence that it was due to the natural disaster and not your fault.

Park Your Car in The Safest Place Available

If you have a garage, this would be the safest place available for you to park your car. You want to protect your vehicle from the rain and wind as much as possible, which is why interior parking is the best idea. If you do not have a garage in which you can park, the next best option would be to park your vehicle as close to a building as possible. This could help protect it from some wind. Also be sure to avoid parking trees and powerlines, as those are at risk of falling at any time in a hurricane.

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