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What’s the Difference between Open and Enclosed Transport?

What’s the Difference between Open and Enclosed Transport?
Open and Enclosed Transport refers to the type of trailer that your car will travel on.
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Open and Enclosed Transport refers to the type of trailer that your car will travel on. Open transport leaves your car open to the elements, while enclosed transport is a trailer with a canvas or hard shell covering to protect your car from the outside world. There are multiple reasons why you would choose either option for your particular vehicle. They both offer their pros and, yes, they both have some cons. Let’s take a look and find out what the best type of transport trailer is for your vehicle.

Open Transport

Open transport is by far the most popular choice for shipping your car. You’ve probably seen an open transport trailer on the highway. They’re the double-decker trailers packed with 6 to 10 cars on top of each other. You might have pulled to the side and wondered how they got those cars parked so close to each other. Over 90% of all the transport trailers on the road today are open transport trailers. This means that if you want to ship your vehicle, you’ll easily find an open transport trailer to get the job done. Since it’s a lot easier to flag an open transport trailer, it also means it’s going to cost less to ship this way. Additionally, the surplus of open trailers means that you can arrange shipping more quickly. You’re more than likely to find an open trailer on short notice and, in some cases, get your car on the trailer the very next day.

However, there are some downsides to shipping this way. Your car is subject to the elements with an open trailer. When your car reaches its final destination, it will surely arrive with a healthy layer of dust and dirt. It’s as if your car drove the whole distance but without touching rubber on the road. You can be sure that one of your first trips when your car arrives is to the car wash. Another issue is that loose debris could damage your vehicle. A rogue pebble could pop up at any time and crack a windshield. However, any auto shipper worth its salt will have plenty of insurance coverage to account for any issues along the way. Even new car dealers ship brand new cars on an open trailer. For most vehicles, an open transport trailer is the perfect option.

Enclosed Transport

For those who want a little added protection for their vehicle, enclosed transport may be the best option. Enclosed transport has a variety of options. It could be the same trailer as an open transport trailer with a protective canvas covering over it, or even a hard metal shell surrounding the trailer. Some enclosed transport trailers only carry a couple of vehicles and have hydraulic lifts to safely load your vehicle without needing to drive up a ramp. This could be good for lowered cars without a lot of ground clearance. People who opt for enclosed transport often have more expensive vehicles that they want to take care of. Also, classic and exotic cars that have specific shipping needs often choose enclosed transport.

All that added protection will cost you. Shipping with a canvas cover may be a small additional fee, but the greater your shipping needs, the greater the cost. There are only so many transport trucks on the road that can handle your vehicle, which means competition will be fierce. If your car has very low ground clearance and aftermarket parts that may protrude from your vehicle, you may not even be able to get it on a trailer that supports nine other vehicles. If you need a trailer that only fits one or two cars, you’re going to have to pay a lot more. This is because, with the bigger trailer, you’re essentially splitting costs with the other cars on the trailer. You split gas, you split tolls, and other fees. If your car is the only car on the trailer, that’s all coming out of your pocket.

The first big decision of Shipping a Car

Whatever your shipping needs, you can be sure that your car is well taken care of. Just make sure that you find a reputable auto shipper with enough insurance to cover your vehicle. If you’re still looking for an auto shipper, Orlando Car Transport is a fantastic option. For over 16 years, they have helped ship cars and trucks all across America’s 50 states plus Puerto Rico. They offer $1,000,000 of insurance coverage right there in their quote. Give them a call today for an instant quote and see how much they can save you, whether you choose open transport or enclosed transport.

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