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Brightline Trains Targeting 2022 for Station at Orlando International Airport

Brightline Trains Targeting 2022 for Station at Orlando International Airport
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Brightline Trains is going to expand a project through Central Florida. The president of Brightline Trains reportedly met with transportation leaders in Orlando last Wednesday to talk about the project.

At the Alliance for Regional Transportation Education Series, Patrick Goddard was the guest speaker. This series took place at the site’s Brightline’s future station at Orlando International Airport.

Brightline Wants to Transport People Effectively

I view our job for Brightline is to get people from hub to hub.” Goddard said. “We are getting exciting to have the current system opened.”

The company’s current rail is from West Palm Beach to Orlando. The 2.4 billion project extends it. Moreover, the line runs from Miami to West Palm Beach.

There are a lot of Possibilities for the Brightline Train

“This is a very diverse market. It is the perfect market for the intercity passenger rail,” Goddard said.

Goddard spoke about a potential stop in Cocoa during Wednesday’s meeting.

“Cocoa and the Space Coast generally is experiencing pretty significant growth. This is as attention for the space industry starts to take off,” Goddard said.

Brightline and Walt Disney World Resort Band Together for Mutually Beneficial Future Plans

Brightline and Walt Disney World Resort have both announced an agreement to build a train station at Disney Springs last week.

This is an important stop in what will eventually connect Orlando to the West coast of Florida, Goddard said.

The concept for the proposed Disney station includes a ground-level lobby, passenger facilities, and an upper-level train platform.

Transforming Transportation for Years Going Forward

“I think it’s going to dramatically change the face of our transportation network for decades to come,” Goddard said.

A time frame for the Tampa extension isn’t set. Before the end of 2022, the extension to Orlando International Airport will be complete.

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