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Camping On Discovery Island Will Get You Arrested

Camping On Discovery Island Will Get You Arrested
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Orlando, FL – After searching for continued hours, police made an arrest of a man who was found camping on Discovery Island, the abandoned island in Walt Disney World. The video shows extensive searching through the once flourishing island.

Police made the arrest of Richard McGuire who had been hiding out. While he was aware of the search, McGuire videotaped himself trying to hide.

Orlando police ain’t playin’,” he says in the video “Orlando Police ain’t (expletive) playin’.”

Throughout the video, you can see police move through the park. Having not been services in over 20 years, the park remains a timestamp as to a history from long ago.

In the video you can hear the police chiding over where they are:

“What is this?”asks one officer. “Where they make the dinosaurs?”

Meanwhile, McGuire was doing videotaping of his own. As the cat-and-mouse chase continues, police start to edge in closer.

The Island Is Rife With “No Camping” Or Trespassing Signs

The discovery of the trespasser using a wildlife camera. In the same fashion that hunters find deer at all hours, Disney uses it for surveillance. Camera footage shows McGuire on camera sneaking around the island.

McGuire, a resident from Alabama, didn’t know he was trespassing. As a night of camping with police helicopters didn’t disturb his slumber, police searched for a second day in order to find him.

His apprehension came to a close when they caught the man trying to escape using his small john-boat.

Time and time again, many try to get to the island. Most endeavors never see fruition by authorities and park staff. For McGuire, it seems like a big misunderstanding. As the park is on complete lockdown, and from his out-of-state presence, the man looks to have found the perfect camping spot.

Still, with the island having not been touched in year, and with all the leftover park equipment, one has to ask: Where did he think he was?”

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