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Consumer Car: A Cyberpunk Design You Have Never Seen Before

Consumer Car: A Cyberpunk Design You Have Never Seen Before
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Industrial designer Joey Ruiter has made a vehicle unlike any other before. he has constructed some amazing machines in the past. All minimalist. All powerful. All one-offs. But none are as impactful as maybe the most beautiful vehicle that never came from Blade Runner. The Consumer Car isn’t quite so basic if not remarkable. The truth be told, the rectangular prism is full of tapered edges. The sides go up ward, while the whole Consumer Car wrapped around very classy-like. The Consumer Car has smooth steel hoods and plant-based fabric. The grille itself is on a one-way mirrored panel that hides three LED light bars.

The Consumer Car Looks Like Something Out Of A Movie

The car actually has cutout steps that can assist people in stepping overwards just to get in. The interior keeps the theme up on the inside with rectangular seats. and top-stitched upholstery. No instruments actually exist in the capacity of the dashboard but the steering wheel has actually very creative-looking cutouts. Not to mention a simple rod with a black spherical knob as the shifter.

In spite of the shape, the underpinnings are old. Simple enough to stay in line with the theme. But still old. How bizarre is that? But wait, it gets weirder. The mechanicals arrive from the makings of a 1993 Ford Festiva. The vehicle itself has a 1.3-liter four-cylinder producing 63 horsepower and 73 pound-feet of torque to come towards a five-speed manual transmission.

More or less, the vehicle is a piece of art. Anyone who is interesting themselves enough to purchase this convertible has until March 19th in order to place a bid. Currently, it’s looking at $5,600 but may likely rise from that price to a higher price. According to Joey Ruiter, the designer, the car is designed to consume everything, including “the light, the darkness, the air, the sounds, the world in 360 degrees.”

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