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Governor Announces Lawsuit Against Federal Government, CDC

Governor Announces Lawsuit Against Federal Government, CDC
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Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that the state is filing a lawsuit against the federal government. In addition to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demanding the reopening of the cruise industry.

Governor Ron DeSantis Makes a Case for the Cruise Industry in Lawsuit

Unless the cruise industry can resume sailing from U.S. ports, the governor said, people, will be going to the Bahamas to get on cruise ships. There will be missing revenue for the state of Florida as a result of that.

Governor Ron DeSantis’s Lawsuit Aims to Protect Floridians from Federal Government Overreach

“Moreover, we have to allow our cruise liners and their employees to get back to work. Then they can safely set sail again,” DeSantis said. “No federal law authorized the CDC to continuously impose a nationwide shutdown of the whole industry. The federal government overreach and resulting economic harm to our state makes this lawsuit totally necessary.”

Royal Caribbean Announcement

Operations will be resuming in the Bahamas, the Royal Caribbean announcing and that is when the lawsuit came out. The Carnival Cruise Line has threatened to pull all of its ships from the U.S. ports, the president said. In fact, the Carnival Cruise Line has more ships in Port Canaveral than reportedly any other cruise company. Since March 2020, the industry has been shutting down to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC and its Updated Guidance

Last week, the CDC has issued its updated guidance for the eventual return to cruises from U.S. ports. Last October, there was a conditional sail order issued. But the latest guidance from the CDC does not replace that but in fact, gives cruise liners a lot of changes that will need to be put in place before the test cruises begin in the U.S.

Establishing agreements at ports where they intend to operate, implement routine testing of crew, and develop plans incorporating vaccination strategies to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of COVID-19 by crew and passengers.

At Orlando Car Transport, we hope that our local leaders will consider what business interests need during this difficult time. Simply closing cruise ports and not providing any way for these companies to make money won’t end up well long term.

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