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Koenigsegg Presents An Alternative Of Fiery Proportions

Koenigsegg Presents An Alternative Of Fiery Proportions
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These days, the big debate in the automotive industry happens to be the usefulness of traditional combustion-powered vehicles versus electric vehicles. But who is to say those are the only two contenders? Bring in Koenigsegg. That company has a far more extreme option to present to the average consumer.

Koenigsegg, from Sweden, wants their cars to run on volcanoes.

Or at least methanol. Really, that comes from CO2 emissions of volcanoes. Christian von Koenigsegg believes that this may be the closest his automaker company can get to harnessing the power of the Sun. Apparently, imported from Iceland, the technology can cap CO2 emittance from semi-active volcanoes. From there, it transfers into methanol. Afterwards, there’s a conversion of fuels to ship towards Europe or Adia. The fuel can create itself as a totally CO2-neutral option for the vehicle.

Koenigsegg goes on to explain. “And of course with the correct after treatment systems, depending on the environment you’re in, you can kind of clean up the particles in the atmosphere while you’re using the engine. So you can be very much environmentally conscious doing that. It’s just a fun aspect of renewable fuels that are not talked so much about, but there are many, many other technologies that are coming up.”

This is definitely a strange choice in engine propulsion. And yet, quite inventive. They don’t care to overly-dedicate themselves to electrification.

Keep in mind, Koenigsegg also doesn’t build more than 100 cars a year, tops. They do have the luxury to move with more agility. But that’s mainly thanks, however, to emerging tech. There’s no real desire to commercialize the engine. Apropos of that, the company is small enough to try anything to feel everything. Creating volcano fuel is maybe one of the more original ideas out there. Therefore, it’s admirable.

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