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New Florida Bill to Eliminate Climate Change From a Key Law

New Florida Bill to Eliminate Climate Change From a Key Law
Florida is one of the state's most at risk of climate change causing irreparable damage,
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Florida is one of the states most at risk when it comes to climate change, as the rising sea levels increasingly put more and more land at stake. Additionally, unprecedented weather changes have massively affected the state, leaving many to worry, except for lawmakers it seems. One new bill that is waiting on the desk of the state’s Governor Ron DeSantis, would alter an already existing law that has been in effect for over 16 years. This law was implemented by former Governor Charlie Crist, who is one of the few Republican leaders who pushed for climate change awareness. Crist is actually now a registered Democrat after his time as Florida governor. The existing law moved climate change into focus in the state for the first time, explicitly writing out plans for policies to be made with climate change as a priority.

This newly proposed bill wipes away climate change, shifting focus differently.

If this new bill were to pass, the actual term climate change would no longer be in use in the existing Florida law. Instead, the law would highlight a focus on making energy more affordable and available. The caveat here is that no mention is explicitly made as to what kind of energy this is; henceforth eliminating work that was being done by the state for climate change prevention. Some supporters argue that this is not erasing any work, merely shifting gears on the style of work; however vocal critics are quick to discount this.

One such critic is Crist himself.

When asked about the Florida amendment bill, Crist spoke about how it saddens him to see the state backtracking in progress. Specifically, he stated that it “breaks my heart.” It is especially hard given that at the time in which he passed the original law, he received a good amount of support. The law was signed during a climate conference that Crist himself hosted in Florida back in 2008. Crist has already had much of his progressive work in the state of Florida, but this one law regarding climate change has been holding on strong, until now as many expect Governor DeSantis to sign the bill.

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