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Summer Auto Shipping

Summer Auto Shipping
Summer means fun, but it also means more expensive auto shipping prices.
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Summer is coming up fast, and who can wait? Summertime means barbecues, beach trips, time off, and margaritas by the pool. Ever since we were kids, we have been conditioned to love the summer. We’re at the tail end of spring, which is known as the season of change. However, for many, the summer months bring the most change. Statistically, the summer months are when many people decide to move. Either because they didn’t want to interrupt their child’s school year or because the slowdown in their office means it’s a great time to transfer some employees to another office. However, if you are in the middle of scheduling your next move, you may want to get a head start before summer officially begins. Summer means fun, but it also means more expensive auto shipping prices.

Auto Shipping during the Summer

If you’re ready to make your next move, you may have done some research to prepare. You probably got some quotes from a moving company or two to help ease the burden. You’ve thought about driving, but you don’t want to put the extra miles on your car. Or maybe your office isn’t giving you enough time to make the cross-country drive before they need you in your new location by Monday. This means you probably looked into the price of shipping your car and perhaps got some confusing information. Shipping costs are not set in stone. There are many factors that make up the price of shipping your car. These include things like gas prices and, more importantly, availability. There are only a certain number of shipping vehicles on the road. This means that drivers who haul cars can charge competitively. If more people need their cars shipped, then prices are going to go up.

Months that car shipping gets really expensive

The whole summer season is the busy season for car shipping. July and August typically have the highest demand, which translates to the highest prices to ship. If you can try to ship earlier or later, you can save a ton of money. For instance, if you plan to move during the Fourth of July weekend, you’re going to be in for some alarming rates when it comes to shipping. That’s probably the busiest weekend. You can save money by shipping your car sooner and keeping it in storage. You will have to pay storage fees, which may wind up costing more depending on how long you keep it there. If there’s any flexibility in your move, it may be best to wait a while or try to push up your move.

The spring and fall are by far the cheapest times of year to ship your car. If you could move the bulk of your move to the end of May, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on car shipping. Even if you ship your car to a friend or colleague in May and use ride-sharing or public transportation until you finally move yourself, you could save money. Get some quotes and make your plan. For instant, reliable quotes from a top-rated transport company, give Orlando Car Transport a call. They offer competitive rates all year round.

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