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What Affects My Car Transport Cost?

What Affects My Car Transport Cost?
Many things affect the cost of your car transport order.
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If you’ve never tried to transport a car before, you may wonder what factors affect the cost of your shipment. Car transport can seem very mysterious as to why it costs what it does. At Orlando Car Transport, we’re all about transparency with our pricing. So, we’ve compiled a list of the things that affect what we charge for auto shipping!

How Far Does Your Car Need to Travel?

This is by far the largest factor in the cost of a car shipment. Our biggest costs when we’re shipping a car are our drivers’ labor and fuel. When we need to ship a car over a long distance, these costs go up. It makes sense, right? And different states have different regulations about hauling, which is why it’s usually cheaper to ship within your base state than interstate. The distance your car needs to go has the biggest impact on your final price.

What Kind of Car or Vehicle Are You Shipping?

We have to put every vehicle that we get on a carrier. These carriers can usually hold many different vehicles at one time, which allows us to increase our efficiency and therefore keep your costs low. However, if you need to ship a really large vehicle, it will take up more space on our carrier. It may even get so large that we need to dedicate an entire trailer just to your car! This, predictably, will make your final shipment cost more.

The condition of your car can affect the cost of your transport too.

It’s harder for us to ship cars that are in worse condition. If your car doesn’t run, we can still ship it, but it will take special effort and equipment on our part. If your car doesn’t move at all, we may even need to use a forklift! Employing the use of non-standard equipment affects the cost of a shipment.

What Car Transport Service Did You Choose?

Finally, different services cost different amounts. Enclosed transport costs more than its open shipping counterpart because there are usually fewer carriers available. Additionally, more cars can fit on an open carrier, making them more cost-effective for car shippers. And there are other transport add-ons that can supplement your shipment but will also add to its cost.

No matter where you need your car to go, Orlando Car Transport has a service that can help you. We do everything in our power to keep your costs down, ensuring that you get the lowest price with us every time.

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